Baroka Basadi

Our wonderful skills development ladies Baroka Basadi (sewing women) make a variety of promotional items using waste plastic as a lining or on the outside of the product. We can work with a variety of fabrics including Jute, Shwe Shwe, cotton and plastic.  Denim is one of our latest fabrics added to the range for a more corporate masculine look.

We we are happy to manufacture different styles of bags which suit your specific requirements. In terms of branding, we will sew a label into the seam, or contact us for alternative branding suggestions.

Ideas for the type of items we offer are –

  • laptop bags
  • travel bags
  • pencil cases
  • conference goody bags
  • fabric lanyards
  • document bags
  • shopping carry bags
  • makeup bags
  • toiletry bags
  • beach bags to name a few.

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