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Eco Smart opens new workshop and retail space at Victoria Yards.

Eco smart has opened a work shop at the up and coming Victoria Yards complex in Johannesburg. The workshop will be training and empowering women from the Bethany Shelter for abused women and women from the surrounding community of Betrams.

Eco Smarts retail brand will also have a retail presence at the workshop. The workshop will be primarily be manufacturing items for Eco Smarts, manufacturing brand, Create. Create manufactures products for Reel Gardening, Stitch and Eco nation amoungst other clients. “We are excited to bring our business model and expertise to the Bertram’s community, we look forward to working with the community and growing and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of the women we work with” said CEO, Lise Kuhle.

*Photographs by Johannesburg in your pocket

Eco smart wins SA Premier Business awards 2019

Eco Smart group was awarded the 2019 business premier award for Top SA SMME.

The award was presented at the Sandton convention centre on Wednesday 13 March. CEO and founder, Lise Kuhle accepted the award: “This has been a tremendously inspiring journey for me. This award is testament to the fact that social enterprises are not just ‘feel good-do-good’ projects but can be highly profitable, scalable businesses. The women I represent and work with are highly motivated, profit driven individuals who take their businesses seriously, I proudly share this award with them”


Eco smart launches ‘Young Mavericks’ youth movement.

Eco Smart launched its Young Mavericks youth movement at Riversands Incubation hub on 02 March 2019. “The Young Mavericks program is a hybrid of the girl guides movement and an entrepreneurial driven curriculum that we have established around theme badges” Said founder Lise Kuhle.  “These themes include Active citizenry, Health, Community, Entrepreneurship etc. We then incorporate logic, problem solving, language and life skills as well as typing and creative play skills and tie them into these themes”  Young Mavericks runs every Saturday from 08h30 to 12h30. Junior Mavericks from 09h00 – 11h30. Children from the surrounding township of Diepsloot attend and are lead by Maverick teacher Ms. Ndomiso Nkone and Ms. Ondwela Ndou.