What do we do!

We manufacture products usingĀ  recycled, recyclable or up-cycled and eco-friendly materials.

We work with various NGOs, informal and community projects to provide a revenue stream for those individuals.

Eco Smart Group brands

Create is our custom manufacturing division. For more information click here

The Recycling Box is a flat packed Recycling bin for office use For more information click here

Tarp and Twill is our denim mens accessories and gifting range. for more information click here

Baroka Basadi is our womens development project brand that specialises in corporate, promotional, conference and travel gifting. for more information click here

Shwe.co.za is our womens accessories brand that is created using traditional South African Shwe Shwe fabrics. For more information please click here

We currently use more than a ton of recovered PVC a month.

The major materials we use are: Recycled PVC, Recycled plastics (1-5) virgin Polypropylene, Recycled PET, Upcycled PVC (old marketing banners and billboards)